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The Whole Story of the Bible in 16 Verses by Chris Bruno

This is a short simple book that helps you understand the storyline of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.  Every Christian should own this book, read it, and then give it to others.


Marriage and the Mystery of the Gospel by Ray Ortlund

Marriage reveals something of eternal significance. From the beginning, God designed marriage to convey a greater reality—the passionate, unfailing, redeeming love of God for sinners, the eternal romance between Christ and his bride. In this volume, Ray Ortlund traces marriage throughout Scripture—from the first marriage in the garden of Eden to the ultimate marriage in the book of Revelation—laying out a transcendent vision of marriage that dignifies our own imperfect unions as a display of the gospel. This book offers insight and hope to every married person today.

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Grand Parenting by Josh Mulvihill

Many powerful voices are influencing our grandchildren, from those at home and in their schools to those in the world of entertainment and media. What can you as a grandparent do to speak wisdom and godliness into their lives?

Grandparenting gives you a biblical foundation for investing spiritually in your grandkids, walking you through the principles of influencing them for Christ--from sharing with unbelieving grandkids to discipling them into a mature faith.

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Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Ted Tripp

This book is a gold mine.  It greatly prepared me for parenting my own children and has been a wonderful resource when counseling others.  Tripp helps us see that as parents we are to do more than shape behavior, we are to instruct the hearts of our children.

Preparing Children for Marriage by Josh Mulvihill

Your children will make few decisions more important than their decision to marry.  But they must make other choices before then; decisions about purity, dating, and their roles as men and women. Are they prepared? In this highly practical guide, Joshua Mulvihill lays out a biblically grounded plan for preparing young children for later challenges. Our culture is zealous in reaching children with its own take on sex and marriage, but shouldn't we be able to talk about these things and their place in God's larger narrative? Parents, grandparents, and others in the church will learn how to bring the truth home by starting the conversation with their children early and returning to it often.



Jesus and the Lions' Den by Alison Mitchell

The story of Daniel and the Lions’ Den teaches children many things... It teaches them about praying; it teaches them about Daniel’s faithfulness to God, and God’s faithfulness to Daniel; and it teaches them that God is the real king of everyone everywhere.

But if you peel back another layer, you’ll see that like the rest of the Old Testament, it also points to Jesus.

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The Friend Who Forgives by Dan DeWitt and Catalina Echeverri

Do you ever talk before you think? Mess up? Let others down? That's what Peter did, again and again and again, and it led him to abandoning his best friend, Jesus.

Peter loved Jesus. He felt terrible when he pretended not to know him. He thought all was lost when Jesus died.

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Eric Liddell Running for a Higher Prize by Renee Taft Meloche

Eric Liddell (1902-1945) stunned the world by refusing to run his Olympic race on a Sunday, a day he believed was for honoring God. Many people thought he was a fool, but Eric believed God's promise. "He who honors me, I will honor" - and God kept His promise. From winning Olympic gold to leaving his fame behind to go to China as a missionary, Eric put God in first place.

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Gospel-Centered Teaching by Trevin Wax

While discussing in depth common related concerns (missional apathy, biblical illiteracy in the church, shallow discussions, etc.), author and teacher Trevin Wax duly offers a practical guide to making sure your message is always surely centered on Jesus and what He has done:


"Fellow teachers, let's soak ourselves in the truths of the gospel and the Word. Then, let's invite others to the fountain of living water offered freely by our Master Teacher whose life and death changes everything."

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Delighting in the Trinity by Michael Reeves

Why is God love? Because God is a Trinity. Why can we be saved? Because God is a Trinity. How are we able to live the Christian life? Through the Trinity. In this lively book, we find an introduction to Christianity and the Christian life that is from start to finish rooted in our triune God―Father, Son and Spirit. Not only do we understand the person and work of Christ through the Trinity, but also prayer, the church and every aspect of our faith. With wit and clarity, Reeves draws from church history down to the present referencing a wide range of notable teachers and preachers. Here is a rich and enjoyable portrayal of the basic beliefs of Christianity that opens up the profound and life-changing truths of our faith.

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Word Vs Deed by Duane Litfin

The Bible teaches that the church is called to a balanced ministry of both preaching the gospel in words and showing it with deeds. Yet the church has often found it difficult to find and maintain this balance. Today some are emphasizing deeds at the expense of words, while others hold fast to "talking" and forsake the doing. This is an imbalance that must be righted.

Standing at the helm of a leading Christian college, Duane Litfin has had a first-hand look at the issues students and alumni are talking about. Many Christians are excited to debate the importance of social justice and evangelism now more than ever before. Seeking to level the balance, Litfin steers the conversation toward the biblical harmony of word and deed, pointing out the church's tendency to over-correct--either cutting out the preaching of the gospel or forgetting the application of action.

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Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin

A popular Bible teacher offers practical guidance and helpful tips for women who want to go deeper in their study of the Bible and learn how to teach others to do the same.

The Prodigal Prophet by Timothy Keller

In The Prodigal Prophet, pastor and New York Times bestselling author Timothy Keller reveals the hidden depths within the book of Jonah. Keller makes the case that Jonah was one of the worst prophets in the entire Bible. And yet there are unmistakably clear connections between Jonah, the prodigal son, and Jesus. Jesus in fact saw himself in Jonah. How could one of the most defiant and disobedient prophets in the Bible be compared to Jesus?

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Florence Young; Mission Accomplished by Janet and Geoff Benge

Once timid and unsure of her own salvation, New Zealander Florence Young rose to her calling and became a fearless and faithful witness for Jesus Christ. Eventually serving in the remote Solomon Islands and, for a season, in China during the deadly Boxer Rebellion, Florence began her service close to home. This one woman's mission to the Solomon Islanders, or Kanakas, working on her family's Australian plantation soon expanded to their home islands. There, as Florence and others helped Kanaka believers reach out to villages steeped in cannibalism and revenge killings, thousands of people were transformed by the love of God.

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Let the Nations Be Glad by John Piper

This new edition of a bestselling textbook draws on key biblical texts to demonstrate that worship is the ultimate goal of the church and that proper worship fuels missionary outreach. John Piper offers a biblical defense of God's supremacy in all things, providing readers with a sound theological foundation for missions. He examines whether Jesus is the only way to salvation and issues a passionate plea for God-centeredness in the missionary enterprise, seeking to define the scope of the task and the means for reaching "all nations." The third edition has been revised and expanded throughout and includes new material on the prosperity gospel. The book is essential reading for those involved in or preparing for missions work. It also offers enlightenment for college and seminary students, pastors, youth workers, campus ministers, and all who want to connect their labors to God's global purposes.

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Adoniram Judson Bound for Burma by Janet & Geoff Benge

As America's first foreign missionary, Adoniram Judson thirsted to see the Good News brought to the shrouded land of Burma. His thirst would be quenched, but at an unimaginable price. Adoniram survived starvation, imprisonment, and torture both on land and at sea only to watch his family, coworkers, and friends succumb to death.


In spite of heartache and depression, Adoniram Judson translated the entire Bible into Burmese. To this day his work remains the only Burmese translation of the Bible available. Adoniram and his first wife Ann were the spark that spread the fire of the Gospel into Burma, and their evident love for the Burmese people is a compelling story of unswerving dedication and sacrifice.

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William Carey: Obliged to Go by Janet & Geoff Benge

William Carey watched from the dock as the magnificent sailing ship headed for the English Channel without him. Tears filled his eyes, and deep disappointment filled his heart. What would he tell the missionary society? So much work awaited him half a world away. He must get to India--and soon!

William's amazing journey to India would prove to be just the beginning of a missionary quest filled with hardship and heartache as well as tremendous victories.

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Finish the Mission by John Piper & David Mathis

Contributors including David Platt, Louie Giglio, and John Piper join forces to compel Christians to cross cultural and linguistic barriers to reach the unengaged and unreached people groups with the gospel.

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Sound Doctrine; How a Church Grows in the Love and Holiness of God by Bobby Jamieson

Sound doctrine is the life-blood of God's people, providing the foundation for the church's unity and witness. This short, readable book speaks to the importance of good theology for godly living. 

From Chaos to Cosmos by Sidney Greidanus

When God created the world, he brought perfect order out of what was "without form and void." But with human rebellion against God leading to God's curse, disorder was introduced into creation--disorder that we still see all around us today. Tracing the chaos to cosmos theme from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22, pastor-scholar Sidney Greidanus reveals how God is restoring his creation through Jesus Christ, who has already begun to shine light into the darkness and will one day return to bring peace, order, and restoration once and for all. 

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What is the Mission of the Church? By Karen DeYoung & Greg Gilbert

DeYoung and Gilbert help us think carefully about what the church is sent into the world to do. Looking at the Bible's teaching, they explore the what, why, and how of the church's mission.

The Son of God and the New Creation by Graeme Goldsworthy

The Short Studies in Biblical Theology series is designed to help readers see the whole Bible as a unified story culminating in Jesus Christ. Written by trusted biblical scholars, each volume traces an important topic through God’s Word—from Genesis to Revelation—and explores its significance for the Christian life.

Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem

Systematic Theology is an excellent way to see what the Bible says about topics like: God, Salvation, Baptism, Spiritual Gifts, Sin, Creation, etc…  Grudem’s Systematic theology is an excellent resource that is worth it’s weight in gold.  You most likely won’t read this book from cover to cover, but it is a book that you will pick up often as you study God’s Word.

Biblical Theology in the Life of the Church by Michael Lawrence

In this accessible book, biblical theology is taken down from the shelves of misunderstanding and neglect and placed in pastors hands as the practical, everyday tool it is.

Transgender by Vaughan Roberts

There's been huge cultural change in the last few decades. Same-sex marriage would have been unthinkable 20 or 30 years ago. Now it's almost universally accepted in the Western world. Now suddenly the issue of transgender is the next big social, cultural issue that has dominated the headlines.


Vaughan Roberts surveys the Christian worldview and seeks to apply these principles to the many complex questions surrounding gender identity. This short book gives an overview and a starting point for constructive discussion as we seek to live in a world with different values, and love, serve and relate to transgender people.

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Biblical Theology in the life of the chu


Christ or Chaos by Dan DeWitt

This book is amazing.  If you are interested in apologetics (defending your faith) this is a short but amazing read on better understanding christianity and atheism.  


Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper

This book played a huge role in my own spiritual growth.  John Piper uses God’s Word to show disciples what it means to live a godly Christ-exalting life.  This book will not disappoint.

Rediscovering Discipleship by Robby Gallaty

I think this book should be mandatory reading for all Christians.  It is packed full of Biblical knowledge on how to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Gallaty uses God’s Word to help us understand what it is to be a disciple and how we have been saved to disciple others. 


ESV Gospel Transformational Bible

If you are going to have only one Study Bible, PICK THIS ONE, I do not know of another Bible like it.  It takes every passage and shows how it leads us to glorify God through Jesus.  This is especially helpful in the O.T. where it is often challenging to know how a certain text leads to Jesus.  This Bible has greatly enhanced my studying and helped me grow in my love for God. 

Recommendations contributed by Nick Jackson, pastor