What is a Table Group?

A Table Group is our version of a small group or Bible study, since most of these types of meetings occur around a fellowship table or some kind. These groups gather weekly to study the word of God with the intention of learning to live out the gospel as we grow in our knowledge and love for God.

Table groups focus on three areas:


As Christians, we want to know God more. We learn about God through the His Word, which we carefully and diligently study.



As Christians, our hearts have been made alive to desire the Kingdom of God. We no longer have rebellious hearts of stone but have been given new hearts. Reading the Bible and praying to God continually stirs our hearts with the desire to see God’s will done.


As Christians, we love God and do His will. Since we love God, we also love His people and seek ways to serve them - treating each man better than ourselves. As we are instructed in the will of God in the Bible, we live it out in our daily lives.

If you would like more information on getting connected to a table group,

you can call the office at 360-491-9409 or click the button below.