How does one become a member of Timberline Baptist Church?

In order to be a member we require 3 things:

1. To have repented of your sins and believed that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior.

2. To have been baptized in obedience to Jesus in order to publicly declare your faith.

3. To have attended our membership class and membership process.

When is the membership class offered?

We offer a Timberline 101 class for those who are interested in learning about the ministry of the church. Please  check the Calendar or contact the church office at 360-491-9409 for dates and times.These classes can be observed on our calendar.

What is discussed in this class?

1.    What is the Gospel?
       We look at the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We want to make sure every member truly understand who

       God is and what He has done for us in Jesus. 

2.    What is the History, Structure, and Mission of Timberline?
       The church is not simply a building but it’s people. You will discover who Timberline is, when we

       began, how we work, and what is our mission. 

3.    What is the Timberline Statement of Faith?
       We open up God’s Word and talk about the doctrine that we affirm as members.  This is a great

       time to ask questions and better understand our doctrinal distinctiveness.

4.    What is the Membership Covenant and Discipleship Pathway of Timberline?
       We flesh out what life look like here at Timberline and we explain how we come alongside each

       member to help them grow more and more into the image of Jesus.